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About Us

About Med Indite Communications

As the medical research continue to evolve, so has the role and importance of medical communications.

As the medical research continue to evolve, so has the role and importance of medical communications. Communicating scientific information plays a significant role in medical research by disseminating scientific findings, innovative ideas and path-breaking discoveries to scientific community and other stakeholders. Translating scientific and medical language into writing and communication that is easily understood by various constituents and stakeholders is a tremendous responsibility.

While pursuing higher education, we realized that complexity of medical research has increased substantially. The researchers often perform methodological errors while designing the study; analysis of the data and interpretation of the results. Many times they failed to communicate their findings effectively because of lack of attention to details and writing skill.

As professional writers, we help researchers in preparing an effective scientific publications and medical communications. Well-equipped with impressive writing skills and proficient in analyzing research findings, we can translate complex scientific information into effective publications for varied target audiences. In addition, we also help pharmaceutical companies and researchers in planning clinical studies and designing the study protocol, analysis of data and writing of clinical study reports. Assistance is also provided in communicating drug safety and efficacy findings to National Regulatory Authority (NRA) in the form of periodic safety update report (PSUR), safety summaries, pharmacovigilance plan and common technical documents (CTD). The writing services offered by us encompass all medical communication requirements, across document types such as manuscripts (including original article, review article, case report and case series), abstracts, posters and slide decks etc. for scientific journals and conferences. Regulatory writing includes generation of protocol, CSRs, PSURs, safety summaries, PV plans and CTD documents.

Our team comprises of medical writers and biostatistician. The capabilities and expertise of our team match the highest research standards; and are backed by outstanding academic credentials. In last 2-3 years, we have successfully executed several medical writing and statistical analysis projects on time.

To summarize, we provide an opportunity researchers to communicate their message effectively to the larger audience by proficiently analyzing research findings and writing impressive publications; and maximize dissemination of scientific information.

From The Statistical Analysis

List of some of the publications that we authored in recent time.


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Clinical Study






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Med Indite communications offers an extensive list of services to accommodate your research needs.